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What is AEC Labs?

Conceived in the trenches of URS Corporation and, today, AECOM, AEC Labs has an industry-specific focus: to identify, analyze, and discuss the early-stage startup companies, trends, and technologies that are disrupting the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. Our team has an extensive, on-the-ground AEC background: we understand tech’s potential and recognize the industry’s pitfalls. We offer a unique blend of expertise and insights that is truly distinct from other AEC players.

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How the Future of Last-Mile E-commerce Delivery Could Change Urban Planning Forever

Earlier this summer, I participated in an internal AECOM client event that discussed the future of “integrated” mobility hubs in different types of geographic locations (urban, suburban, and rural). What is an integrated mobility hub? It’s our working definition for real estate or infrastructure development that incorporates mixed uses, smart-city technology, public spaces, and multi-modal transportation options, from autonomous vehicles and buses to ride-sharing alternatives, scooters, and drones. At the event, I spoke specifically about e-commerce applications, public-private partnerships, and how certain kinds of P3 models might be used to foster the development of these hubs. I thought it would be worthwhile to transform my talking points from the event into a longer form article here at AEC Labs, so here we go!

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Is Amazon Really “Reinventing” the Construction and Real Estate Development Markets?

A recent article in the UK’s Construction News publication (also picked up nationally here in the US by Bisnow) suggests that Amazon is “reinventing” the construction and real estate development markets thanks to its incredible growth, both in the US and abroad. But what, specifically, does that mean? And should construction industry stakeholders feel “emboldened” or “threatened” by Amazon’s disruptive tactics? Could the company vertically integrate into a development, design, and construction operation that serves third-party clients? We tackle all of these questions in this article here at AEC Labs.

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SaaS Contech Startup, Reconstruct, Integrating AI, BIM to Boost Productivity and Predict Problem Projects

Reconstruct calls itself an integrator of the “ABCs” of construction tech (artificial intelligence, BIM, and computer vision); its product is a software tool that simultaneously applies reality capturing, BIM, and project scheduling. It assembles images and data from drones, handheld cameras, and laser scanners to create 3D models of a project during construction. Simultaneously, the model integrates the project schedule from Oracle’s Primavera, Microsoft Project, and BIM models.

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