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Why Is It Such a Great Time to Be a Construction Tech Entrepreneur in India?

By 2030, India will be the world’s third-largest real estate and construction market, to the tune of $1 trillion annually. Contributing over 15 percent of the country’s GDP, it will also be India’s largest employer by 2022, with over 75 million people working in the sector. We hear a lot about “startup ecosystems” or how organizations can encourage and foster a “culture of innovation.” But what about entire emerging markets serving as a petri dish for innovation in certain industries (like construction) that the Western tech boom has so far passed by?

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FalconBrick, an Indian SaaS Construction Startup, Streamlines Projects with Mobile Product HandOff

By 2030, India will boast the world’s third largest construction and real estate industry, employing over 75M people and generating $1T in economic activity. So it’s no surprise that startups like FalconBrick are taking aim at the sector with mobile-based solutions designed to improve project efficiency and decrease costs and delays.

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