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With AEC Industry Spending on Upswing, Fintech is Investing in Construction Lending Startups

Did you know that 85 percent of payments made by builders to subcontractors are paper-based? As the economy continues to improve, construction spending is ramping up and financial institutions are taking note, implementing new technologies designed to speed up and streamline the construction loan process – a notoriously difficult, mostly manual and paper-based process with lots of room for improvement.

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Thai Real Estate Developer to Invest $47M in Construction and Prop Tech Startups

Sansari Plc, one of the largest real estate developers in Thailand, has announced that its investment arm will deploy $47 million over the next three years in real estate and construction industry technology startups. Notable standing on its own, for sure, but what does this mean for the construction and prop tech investment climate more generally? We dive deeper into that question in this article.

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