Technology and new project delivery mechanisms are changing the face of the AEC industry.

Here on our blog, AEC Labs identifies, analyzes, and discusses the early-stage startup companies, trends, and technologies that are disrupting the way the architecture, engineering, and construction industries do business.

Digital Twins: Building Supplier Invests $10M in Invicara’s Data-Driven BIM Software

Data-driven BIM startup Invicara recently announced that it has sold a $10 million minority stake in its business to the Dublin, Ireland-based building company Kingspan. “While BIM has proven its value in helping improve project team communication and coordination, it hasn’t yet lived up to its promise for owners that need data or manufacturers that could collaborate with clients,” the company says.

5 Bold Predictions for AEC Tech in 2018

From deep learning and 3D printing to Trump’s infrastructure bill, AEC Labs takes a stab at predicting the 5 big trends that could transform the construction industry in 2018.

What Were the Top 5 AEC Industry ConTech Startups in 2017?

We’ve selected this group of five startups that we covered at AEC Labs in 2017 for a variety of reasons, including the technology they’ve implemented and the role we think the problems they’re addressing will play across the AEC industry in 2018 and beyond


Founded by Stephen Del Percio in 2016, AEC Labs focuses exclusively on identifying, discussing, and analyzing the trends, technologies, and early stage startup companies that are rapidly changing the way things are done across the AEC industry.

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