Author: Stephen Del Percio

The Top 5 Issues for Startups and Tech Companies Leasing Office Space in NYC, Seattle, & Beyond

Leasing commercial office space is tricky. It’s different from heading into an apartment office and leaving an hour later with your keys. It’s particularly challenging for high-growth, fledgling tech startups that may not have the balance sheet and track record that an established tenant can offer a landlord. With that in mind, we’ve prepared this list of 5 key issues for startups to think about as they begin their search for a new home.

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HuffPo: Tech is “Shaking Up” the Construction Industry

Construction tech is on the radar at HuffPo, which noted in a recent piece that IOT, telematics (data), and peer-to-peer rentals, along with autonomous machines and accompanying decreasing costs of ownership of expensive construction equipment, could help the AEC industry create $6.2 trillion in economic benefits by 2025.

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