Author: Stephen Del Percio

Where, How, and Why Governments Are Applying Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts to Real Estate Transactions, and What It Could Mean for Construction

Transparency and reducing transaction costs. Noble goals, for sure, and perhaps much easier to reach in the near future for both real estate and, perhaps, construction transactions through the power of blockchain. In this article, which we plan to update regularly as new governments and jurisdictions implement blockchain technology for real estate, we take a closer look with an eye towards how these systems might ultimately impact the civil engineering and construction industries.

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The Future of the Built Environment: What New Technology Will Be Most Disruptive to the Construction Industry?

I had the pleasure of sitting on a panel at the first Builtworlds Project Conference in New York City that discussed the future of the construction industry. What technologies will be most disruptive both in the short- and long-term? Where are our respective AEC organizations seeing specific challenges and opportunities for innovation? In this article, I’ve outlined some of those questions as posed to the panel with my own answers.

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AECOM Research Report, “Without Limits,” Highlights Need for Innovation, Tech in Future of Infrastructure

AEC industry giant AECOM’s first-ever research report, “Without Limits: The Future of Infrastructure” has some interesting insights and data about current attitudes toward technology, innovation, and project delivery models, culled from survey questions and interviews with over 500 AEC industry professionals and executives.

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After $865M SoftBank Series D Round, Can Construction Tech Startup Katerra Disrupt Project Delivery Mechanisms?

Katerra is using proprietary software and hardware technology and applying principles that its founders honed manufacturing electronics. It treats real estate development and construction like a standardized manufacturing process rather than an endless string of one-off projects. But can it deliver on its disruptive promise to change the way construction projects are delivered?

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