Exciting #constructech news in Geekwire last week: the Seattle-based startup Unearth has raised $1.3M of a $1.5M seed round, which should close shortly. Unearth’s product aims to help construction project teams get better informed about what’s happening in the field in real time in order to prevent schedule and cost impacts before they happen. It will use a combination of drones, remote sensors, and Internet of Things principles to centralize communications between field and home office in order to keep teams on schedule and on budget through better, data-driven decision-making about their projects.

“We find a lot of (issues) are due to siloed or delayed information, meaning there might be emerging risks or issues that are occurring out on a job site and by the time key decision makers are advised of those situations, a substantial amount of time has passed, and that has direct implications on the schedule,” Unearth co-founder Brian Saab told Geekwire. “What we really aim to do is provide a rich information dashboard coupled with a lot of seamless communication between all the stakeholders — general contractors, landowners, even subcontractors — to help eliminate some of these challenges around schedule and budget.”

It sounds like Unearth’s software will blend two of our favorite #constructech topics here at AEC Labs: IOT-enabled devices and drones for construction. Indeed, there is no shortage of data and metrics that the construction industry would find useful for improving productivity and efficiency, whether obtained by drone or other IOT-enabled technology. So we would expect to see many more of these types of software platforms and solutions brought to market, soon, in a variety of different contexts.

Unearth is headquartered in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood and we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on it as the product prepares to launch sometime in the first quarter of 2017.