Another week, another big funding round for a construction tech startup. This time it’s San Diego-based eSUB Construction Software, which recently announced a $5 million Series A round that was led by Revolution Ventures. The company, which was founded in 2008, builds a variety of cloud-based project management apps that help subs track and connect to jobs in the field, manage schedules, and get paid faster.

“Incumbent software providers in construction and real estate like Procore are serving the high-end of the market,” Revolution Ventures told TechCrunch. “But the people out doing the work in the field, the subcontractors, have such different workflows and concerns. A vast majority of people working on the subcontractor side are not used to enterprise software, so you have to have a product that’s very easy to use, especially on mobile.”

eSUB Founder and CEO Wendy Rogers is a former consultant for subcontractors, and according to TechCrunch her experience in the field was the key selling point that attracted Revolution. The company will use the funding to double in size from 50 to 100 employees, as well as develop new apps for field superintendents, foremen, and other field workers.

Together with TradeTapp, eSUB is the second subcontractor-focused startup we’ve come across here at AEC Labs in recent weeks. It also joins onTarget as a mobile software application for project teams in the field. There is clearly an interest in these types of products, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for what 2017 has in store, both at the subcontractor level in the field, and beyond.