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Velocity Robotics’ Smart Miter Saw Is Helping Contractors Cut 50 Percent Faster

Pittsburgh-based Velocity Robotics wants to create products that enable a fully automated construction jobsite where measurements, material delivery, and cutting are all performed automatically by robots. Saws would adjust automatically to required measurements, lumber would load and cut automatically, and autonomous robotic vehicles would move materials and equipment around the site.

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Why Is It Such a Great Time to Be a Construction Tech Entrepreneur in India?

By 2030, India will be the world’s third-largest real estate and construction market, to the tune of $1 trillion annually. Contributing over 15 percent of the country’s GDP, it will also be India’s largest employer by 2022, with over 75 million people working in the sector. We hear a lot about “startup ecosystems” or how organizations can encourage and foster a “culture of innovation.” But what about entire emerging markets serving as a petri dish for innovation in certain industries (like construction) that the Western tech boom has so far passed by?

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Academic’s Mathematical Computer Model Aims to “Revolutionize” Construction Productivity

An academic at the UK’s Northumbria University in Newcastle’s Department of Architecture and the Built Environment, has built a mathematical model for allocating labor that her research confirms can help contractors and construction companies save their projects time and money. The model, part of a software program, uses the skills and personalities of individual laborers proposed for, or working on, a construction project site, coupled with existing site conditions and the overall progress of the work, to optimize labor crew configurations.

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Envelope, the “Sim City” SaaS for Real Estate Development in NYC, Raises $2M

New York City-based, SaaS proptech startup Envelope has just announced $2M in new funding. Conceived in the hallways of SHoP Architects in 2008, and spun off as its own entity in 2015, the company’s product is an interactive map that allows users to create a 3D model of a Manhattan development parcel’s largest possible building, analyzing the specific zoning and other regulations that apply to each parcel in order to provide users with floor-by-floor statistics for a potential development project, including a building’s maximum square footage, height, and allowable massing.

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